About Healthy Fat Chick


After completing 10 half-marathons, and one full marathon, all 200 something pounds of me said “Are you crazy?!” and  began to stop functioning. Knee pains, hip pain- you name it, my body was having it. I refused to believe my body couldn’t achieve everything a skinny person can. And I did do it all-but perhaps not to my absolute best…so I embarked on a journey to prove that you don’t have to be a particular size to be the best healthy you can be for you!

Now I am a new mom and I fully own the term, Healthy Fat Chick! Why? Because Listen, I am like an avocado- I want to be a heatlhy fat! I understand that “HealthyFatChick” doesn’t make sense to some people. But I’m sure people would be in uproar if there was a “HealthySkinnyChick” out there and she’d be accused of promoting bulimia,anorexia, unattainable weight goals etc.

There is no winning in this pursuit for healthy from either side of the body spectrum because there will always be judgement. My point of my blog is that you don’t have to be a size zero to be considered healthy,or even aspire to be a size 10. It’s not about the size of your pants! I will never be, at my healthiest, a 6 nor do I want to be.

I want to be what is healthy for me, and unfortunately in our vain society-lots of people see a girl without a six pack or four pack and that’s it she can’t be considered healthy. Or if you do have some extra weight how dare you use the word! I will always be considered fat, from what I’ve seen, heard, and been told-no matter how much I run, workout, or change. My healthiest weight has been at 200lbs–200lbs!!- and I loved how I looked and felt. And yes, still fat! But that’s OKAY with me, cause I know how my body feels, works, and functions. This is the same society I’ve seen call Beyonce, J.Lo, Britney Spears and other celebrities fat…so why try to prove something to others when what’s important is what’s working for you?

I see so much shame online and people willing to tear other people’s bodies and philosophies down-this is a place where I hope women ( and men) everywhere can feel okay with their body and their journey towards health-whatever that might mean for them. 

There will be food. There will be rants. Maybe even the occasional workout tip. I hope whatever you seek to find here is helpful to those of you still fighting to find the healthy fat you want to be!

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